Painting circles with a compass

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I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a new or unique tool for painting for making the process fun and interesting for children.  These compasses that we used for painting circles really fit the bill… I’ve shared with you how we have been exploring circles and other shapes lately.  Deborah picked […]

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Making circles in the salt tray

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Last week I shared our shape hunt activity as an introduction to our unit on shapes.  First up on our list of shapes to explore was the circle.  We explored this new shape by drawing circles in our salt trays… We use salt trays in our classroom quite frequently as a fine motor tool and […]

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“O” how we love to estimate

Estimating, counting, and drawing with the help of a cup full of cheerios in preschool!

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Creating art with lines

Taping paintbrushes and crayons together creates a unique art experience while exploring lines in preschool.

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