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Whooooo is missing?

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Our children just love story book games!  We read a story during circle time and then often follow it up with some sort of learning activity or game.  We’ve played several different variations of this particular game and it is one that they never get tired of… The story book that inspired this game was […]

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End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad storybook giveaway

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We are reviewing the book “End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad” and giving away one free copy so check it out!

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Going on a looking walk

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After reading “The Looking Book,” I gave each child their own pair of lookers to wear so we could head outdoors and take our own looking walk!

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Making our own very busy spiders and spider webs

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Spiders are quite common around our preschool and so we spent a little time reading about and making our own very busy spiders.

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Learning with leaves

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After gathering a set of leaves, the children explored the leaves by sorting them on our table chart and making leaf confetti!

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Tapping our own magic table top tree

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After tapping and blowing on our book, we went over to the table to essentially retell our story by exploring our own Tap the Magic Tabletop Tree!.

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Simple shape games on the felt board

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The kinds of games we play with the felt board are not all that complicated and all I really need are just a few bight and colorful felt pieces and I have everyone’s attention.

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Small, tall, fall

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When I come across a picture book that has a few very carefully chosen words along with amazing illustrations, I get so excited. The book titled, “Tall” by Jez Alborough was the perfect book to get us talking about the words, “small, tall, and fall.”

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I Spy Me!

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Celebrating me thought this simple to make “I Spy Me!” board in our preschool classroom.

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Exploring numbers with lines and dots

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We spent time exploring numbers and drawing lines by making our own dot-to-dots after reading the book “Chicka Chick 123″ by Bill Martin Jr.

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Drawing and story telling with a purple crayon

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While I read the classic tale of “Harold and the Purple Crayon” to my students, I invited them to tell me their own purple crayon story.

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The do’s and don’ts of reading aloud to young children

Do's and Don'ts of Read-Alouds

Come and discover the Do’s and Don’ts of Read-Alouds gleaned from “The Read-Aloud Handbook” by Jim Trelease.

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Neighborhood under construction in preschool


This must be at the top of the my list of favorite days/activities we did in the preschool classroom last year. Stop by and see how we built our own neighborhood!

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Summer book study: The read aloud handbook by Jim Trelease

Hey Teachers and Parents! Join us for the Summer Book Study. Stop by and check out who are new surprise author is – this summer should be one of our best summer book studies ever!

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Wonderful watermelons

We spent the morning reading about watermelons, tasting and creating watermelons in our preschool classroom!

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An octopus has eight legs and so do we!

An octopus had 8 legs

When I told the children that they actually can have eight legs like an octopus, they told me that this could not be possible. So I had to show them that they could!

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