DIY chalk rocks for preschool

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While I am on a DIY rock making mission, I thought I would share my DIY chalk rocks with you!

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Gift box chalkboard writing game

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Put a little holiday spirit into your chalkboard easel with this fun chalkboard gift box game for preschoolers!

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DIY chalk box

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I happened to pick up some a short while ago and I must tell you that it is hard not to get carried away with DIY chalkboard paint projects like our DIY Chalkboard Boxes!

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DIY chalk paint

DIY Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is so simple to make and because it includes a little bit of chalk pounding, the process of making chalk paint is quite fun too.

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Disappearing clouds

Making clouds disappear is almost like magic!

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Guidecraft review and give-away of the 4-in-1 flipping floor easel

See how we use the Guidecraft 4 in 1 flipping floor easel in our classroom and a enter to win an easel for your own classroom in this March give-away!

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DIY chalkboard for preschool

This is a little chalk board that I made at home for the kids to use at preschool… I am not a natural crafter or woodworking kind of gal so there are probably better ways to make this but this worked very well for me and the kids love it… I found this little wooden […]

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Rainy day chalk drawings in preschool

Today the children were exploring rain and the goal was to make a rainy day picture with chalk… First they were to create a picture with the chalk and then sprinkle some water, like rain, on top of the chalk drawing… The children were interested in making the rain but they were not grasping how […]

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We are writing on the walls in preschool

In this classroom the children are literally writing on the walls! The bottom half of the wall is painted in chalk board paint around two whole walls of the classroom. Each of the children who have decided to write on the walls have a piece of chalk in one hand and an eraser in the […]

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