Learning about clean hands at the hand washing station

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Learning how to wash hands with a hand washing station! A fun way to explore and learn about the simple everyday processes in your classroom!

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The reflection table

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I love to find things to use in my classroom that invite curiosity or renew interest in an old activity. Today, I want to introduce you to what I like to call “the reflection table.”

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Our daily schedule in preschool

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Stop by and read all about our daily schedule in preschool. Then be sure to share your own schedule with us too!

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Holiday gift tag patterns

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I collected a few different sets of bright and colorful gift tags as an invitation to make simple patterns on our home made pattern board.

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Stained glass easel starter

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Exploring the concept of stained glass through this simple easel starter in our preschool classroom.

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Our classrooms are ready for preschool

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The learning environment is such an important part of having a successful classroom experience. Today, I am sharing the highlights for my indoor classroom setup.

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The first day in summer preschool

This two year old is exploring the new summertime classroom set up. Come and take a tour to see for yourself!

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Wonderful weaving tool and process for preschool

A new find at the Dollar store led to a wonderful weaving process for preschoolers.

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Little peas all around the classroom | Virtual Book Club for Kids

Exploring peas all around the classroom and the wonderful book “Little Pea” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal!

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Sticky paper scarecrows

Our prek class explored the making of a sticky paper scarecrow by rotating through each of our three scarecrow creative stations.

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All set up and ready for preschool

All set up and ready to go for our first day in preschool!

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The tools we use in preschool

For our very first day of preschool, we jumped right in and explored the tools we use in preschool.  The “teaching” goal of our day was to give the children a chance to learn about our classroom and where to find our “tools” and how to use or take care of our tools. .. During […]

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Setting up the preschool classroom is always a work in progress

The process of setting up a preschool classroom continues to be a work in progress!

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Classroom clutter clutters learning in preschool

A little discussion about how clutter impacts the children in the preschool classroom!

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Playing on the tabletop train station in preschool

We explored a little boxcar math and decorated our boxcars for our train station in preschool!

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Pumpkin vines on the sticky table

Exploring pumpkin vines in preschool through a variety of activities…

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