We made caterpillars in preschool

There are some activities that just look like fun and this caterpillar painting activity is one of my favorites.... The teachers set out bright colors of paint, some plastic cups, and some plastic forks. The children used the plastic forks to scratch some green grass on their paper... We had all kinds of green grass going on... To add the caterpillars, the children dipped the plastic cups in different colors of paint and made circle [...]

Exploring weather patterns in preschool

To extend the weather graphing experience over time, the children help to create a weather caterpillar... Each day, the children add a new circle to their weather caterpillar and discuss the patterns in the weather. As you can see below, the weather pattern is "rainy, rainy, cloudy, cloudy" (AABB)... In the younger classes, the teacher has premade weather symbols that are added to the caterpillar each day. In older classes, the weather helper of the [...]

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Simple flowers, caterpillars, and rainbows in preschool

I keep this product in my kitchen cabinet all the time and love it because of its special kind of adhesive ability to wrap up foods with an easy seal. I buy Glad Press'n Seal wrap from the local grocery store or Walmart. Pull out a length of the sealing wrap and set it out (adhesive side up) on the table. Decorate the sheet of sealing wrap with tissue paper squares, construction paper squares, or fabric [...]