Candy Cane

Candy cane play all around the clasroom

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Candy canes provide so much inspiration for play all around the classroom. We are sharing 9 ways to play with candy canes this holiday season.

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Candy cane science in preschool

Exploring the science of Christmas with this fun candy cane science activity!

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Who stole the candy from the candy cane jar?

Playing our own rendition of Who Stole the Candy from the Candy Cane Jar?

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Christmas stockings and candy cane glitter in preschool

We made a little candy cane glitter and our very own stockings in preschool…

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Candy canes on the flannel board in preschool

The candy cane felt board was simple to make and easy for kids to work with all through out the holiday season!

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Candy cane math in pre-k

We had fun doing a little candy cane math and designing in pre-k!

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Pretty paper candy cane tubes in preschool

Learning more about what to use candy cane tubes for and what to watch for when selecting tubes for the preschool classroom.

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The Five Senses of Christmas in preschool: Smell

Exploring our sense of smell as we continue with “The Five Senses of Christmas” in our preschool classroom!

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Candy cane sensory tubes for preschool

Candy cane sensory tubes are amazing tools for play! See this idea and ways this idea can be extended for more great fun!

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