Butterflies all around the classroom

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Spring is a wonderful time to explore butterflies and their life cycles! Today I am sharing some great ways to learn about butterflies all around the classroom…

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Butterfly snack in a baggie

The preschoolers made butterflies from their snacks in bag!

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In the Mailbox: butterfly jar

Last week I ordered this butterfly jar and it came in the mail today! I found this little gem from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary and for some crazy reason, I bought it! I plan to take it to preschool for my very own show and tell. The butterfly isn’t real but it looks almost real. […]

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Butterfly sensory bags for preschoolers

I read this terrific idea over at Crafty-Crafted on how to make butterfly goody bags! As soon as I saw them, I started thinking of other ways you could use this idea…. When I see an idea that I love, I always want to see what else can be done with it…. I tried this […]

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