We made a paper plate bumble bee in preschool

The children at preschool made a paper plate bumble bee... The children started by using yellow paint and a paint roller to turn their paper plate a bright yellow... Then the children painted on some black bumblebee stripes with a paint brush. Notice how they used different types of painting tools as this process progressed. Using different tools for painting keeps the process interesting... Time to add on the bumblebee head! The children used their [...]

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Buzzing little bumble bee prints in preschool

This is a simple bumble bee activity box to throw together.... All you need are yellow ink pads, black crayons, and some pieces of paper.... Invite the children to press their fingers on the yellow ink pad and then make yellow prints on their paper... Once they have their prints on the paper, invite the children to use a black crayon or marker to add additional bumble bee features... Some of the children really went [...]

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We made bumblebees in preschool

I have found so many cute ideas on other blogs that I can't remember who shared what but somewhere along the way, I found this cute idea for bumblebees. We started out by gluing wax paper wings to our yellow construction paper bee bodies... Then we added a black construction paper head and some black construction paper stripes... Our stripes went all directions... Next up - we added some eyeballs... And finished off our bees [...]

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