bulletin boards

A multipurpose interactive bulletin board

Learning to follow directions can be fun and interactive with this multipurpose interactive bulletin board approach.

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Simple fall tree bulletin board for preschool

Your preschoolers can create this simple fall preschool bulletin board.

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Creative teachers in preschool

When I get the chance, I love to go into one of our local preschools here and just admire all the art they display on their walls, ceilings, and windows.  Last week I stopped in and here are some of the displays I enjoyed seeing.  Many of them were just getting started so the children’s […]

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Make Bulletin Boards a Priority in Your Classroom

Messy, outdated, torn, and faded bulletin boards have a negative impact on parents and students where as bright, clean, and updated bulletin boards have a positive impact on parents and students. It is easy to forget that what goes on the wall is just as critical in the learning environment as the furniture on the […]

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