Fun with some bugs!

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What do you do if you have a kid who loves bugs? You find a book about some bugs and spend lots of time playing with pretend bugs and looking for real bugs too!

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DIY fingerprint paint pads and bugs

DIY Paint Pad

We love making fingerprint bugs and flowers and now we have a new fingerprint pad to help the process run more smoothly!

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Five tips for taking preschool journals outside

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Come and see these five tips shared for taking preschool journals outside.

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DIY Bugs on the sticky table

Having fun with a new DIY sticky bug toy for our sticky table in preschool!

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Everyday shave cream play

Exploring many wonderful sensory experiences through shave cream play including the addition of some water beads!

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Inchworm sensory and magnet play in preschool

Continuing with our inchworm fun, the children really enjoyed this inchworm magnet and sensory play activity… I used a paper shredder to make some green “grass” from construction paper.  I think I cut up about 5 sheets of paper to get all of this paper.  For the inchworms, Miss Abby helped me cut up some […]

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Counting and sorting bugs in preschool

This little bug activity box was simple to put together and allowed for both some color sorting and simple play!

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Bug-a-boo preschool art and activity collection

I thought I would repost this collection of buggy ideas I found from last year… Bugs and Critters  

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Exploring spring sensory play with preschoolers

When I fill a sensory table, I usually have everything already in it that I think the children would like to play with but today, I just set out set out different items for Tristan to choose from… I set out a basket of rocks, some colorful green rice, a pile  of plastic bugs, paint […]

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