Bubbles, bubbles

Bubbles are the quintessential children's toy!  They are inexpensive, easy to find, and can provide hours of entertainment.  Bubbles are a wonderful multi-sensory activity.  Today I'm sharing 10 ways to explore bubbles in your home or classroom... Let's begin with the bubble blowing basics.  You will need some sort of bubble solution.  You can buy your own bubbles by the gallon or you can make your own bubbles.  You will see a few recipes in [...]

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We painted on bubble wrap in preschool

We have done many variations of this idea in the past and it is always a hit no matter how many times we combine the painting process with bubble wrap. Each of the children got their own sheet of bubble wrap. Some of the bubble wrap had tiny bubbles and some of the bubble wrap had big bubbles. While the children prepared to start their painting, they worked on popping some of those bubbles! One [...]

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The letter of the week in preschool: presenting A and B

Each week, we focus on a letter of the week in our two and three year old classes. It isn't the only time we explore that specific letter but it is a time we give that letter a special introduction and a little special attention. There are many activities to use for creating letters and I like to use them all. One of my favorite activities is to glue something that actually sounds like that [...]

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