Gift box chalkboard writing game

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Put a little holiday spirit into your chalkboard easel with this fun chalkboard gift box game for preschoolers!

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DIY chalk box

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I happened to pick up some a short while ago and I must tell you that it is hard not to get carried away with DIY chalkboard paint projects like our DIY Chalkboard Boxes!

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Under construction with our DIY fix-it box

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To give us a place to store all the tools and to give my grandson a different way of playing with them while indoors, I was inspired to create a DIY fix-it box!

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How to make a simply amazing maze for play

Check out this tutorial on how to make a simple large box maze that will invite your preschoolers to play!

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Reading David McPhail and fun with fixing

Building on the book “Fix-It” by David McPhail, the children explore different tools that they can use to fix things in our preschool classroom.

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Stack the box relay race

Introducing the basics of a relay race to preschool age children with this stack the box relay!

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All you need is a box

We spent quite a bit of time exploring different ways you can use a box in our classroom.  Of course, if you haven’t read the book “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis then you might not understand that any box you may have around is really not a box… “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis […]

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Exploring holes and sensory play

Exploring boxes with holes and a sensory play in preschool….

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Turn a box into toddler fun

My plan was to decorate this box and make it really cool like this one here. But as much as I liked the idea of making a cool oven Wy  had other plans. Wy was all about the play! In and Out went Wy And Open and Shut went the “doors” Since the doors were […]

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