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What started out to be a few days off from blogging turned into a couple of months of getting rest and then trying to reorganize my blog. Please accept my apologies for my absence. I am hoping I will be back up and running without any glitches now but technology has a way of getting the best of me lately - so if you should run into any glitches or find my site offline here [...]

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Best of 2012 Blog Hop!

We are off to a new year but before moving on, my fellow bloggers and I are sharing a quick look back at our best posts of 2012. Each activity shared in this collection of activities was chosen by you, the reader, based on the number of visits each post received. Simply click on the photos within the Top 2012 to view the original post and while you are there, you will want to be [...]

Early childhood education up front and center

There are many wonderful bloggers sharing ideas out there and everyday I learn something new. I am motivated, inspired, and even surprised by some of the innovative and fresh ideas that are shared on these early childhood focused blogs. Many of these blogs are written by stay at home moms who are doing some amazing activities with their children. Others are written by classroom teachers, home childcare providers, and other professionals in the field of [...]

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Blogging tips from teach preschool on facebook

Follow Fridays are a popular way to meet new bloggers! As many of you know, I follow a lot of blogs so that I can share ideas on facebook with others interested in the field of early childhood education. I am such a huge fan of bloggers that take the time to share their early childhood ideas. It is such a valuable resource to so many people and I know how much time and effort [...]

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