Helping young children develop self-control

Teaching children self-control doesn’t have to be complex but it does need to be a goal in any preschool classroom!

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Bam Radio: Tips for addressing misbehavior in preschool

I recently participated in the Bam Radio conversation “Bad Behavior: When to Ignore, When to Intervene” with Rae Pica, Mary Gersten, and Kate Williams. This is truly a wonderful discussion and I hope you will stop and take a listen. If you can’t listen to it here or here… I have highlighted some of the points from […]

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Stickers and Hugs

Trying to get preschoolers to do something they don’t particularly find fun can be a challenge to even the best mom or preschool teacher.

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Mini-Lessons in the preschool classroom

A Mini-lesson focuses on skills preschoolers need to learn in managing everyday classroom and life skills. Unlike a teachable-moment, a mini-lesson is planned out ahead of time. Like a teachable moment, the idea or topic of a mini-lesson often originates from an unexpected occurence that a teacher begins to notice or observe happening repeatedly in […]

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Teachable Moments

Teachable moments are times when something unexpected occurs and the teacher helps to guide the unexpected occurrence into a learning opportunity. Preschoolers are discovering the world around them. Their natural curiosity and need-to-know creates many opportunities for teachable moments. The teacher has to develop a teaching perspective in order to not miss out on unexpected […]

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