Waking up our bears

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We are waking our bears after a long winter’s sleep. Come and see our celebration of our hibernation in preschool!

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Tucking our bears in for a long winter’s sleep

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We are making caves for our bears to hibernate in all winter long.

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Time to hibernate

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We are stuffing bears and putting them down for a long winter’s nap for a lesson on hibernation.

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At play with the sticky board playhouse

Stop by and check out the super fun sticky board play house we made and enjoyed in our preschool classroom!

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Winter time tour around the preschool classroom

Lots of things happening all around the preschool classroom! Hop on over and see what they are!

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Hibernating bears in preschool

Having fun with bears and caves today as we explored hibernation in preschool.

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At play with baby: Big bear-little bear

For all you who are looking for activities to do with infants, I have started putting together some blog posts for you. This is my very first one and I will continue to post more each Thursday (as long as I have material ready and can keep up)!  Thank you to my niece for sharing […]

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