How you can help young children go ‘beyond coping’ when it comes to stress

This wonderful Bam Radio discussion titled, "Stressed Out Kids, Parents, Teachers, How to Cope" is brought to you by Rae Pica, Dr. Megan R. Gunnar, Ellen Galinsky, and me.  I could really sit and listen to these ladies talk all day. Just listening to the wealth of information they bring to the table helps me to relax! Rae Pica with Dr. Megan R. Gunnar, Ellen Galinsky, Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. Take a listen to the radio show [...]

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Building parent-teacher relationships in preschool

I participated in two discussions on the Bam Radio Show about building or understanding the parent/teacher relationship. Each conversation had a completely different spin on the topic. You can listen to each show by clicking on the photos below... (Or click here and scroll down the wall to find the title of each radio show)  I will let you go and take a listen to the two shows so you can [...]

Bam Radio: Tips for addressing misbehavior in preschool

I recently participated in the Bam Radio conversation "Bad Behavior: When to Ignore, When to Intervene" with Rae Pica, Mary Gersten, and Kate Williams. This is truly a wonderful discussion and I hope you will stop and take a listen. If you can't listen to it here or here... I have highlighted some of the points from our conversation that I really found valuable and wanted to share them with you. When addressing misbehavior consider [...]

Is outdoor playtime break time?

With summer time upon us, outdoor play is one of the biggest topics of discussion going around blog world. I recently participated in a wonderful discussion on outdoor play on Bam Radio and I hope you will take the 15 minutes of time to listen to it... The radio segment is titled "Why Play Time is Not Break Time" with Rae Pica, Dr. Michael Henniger, Dr. Heather Olsen Ed.D,  and me.  You can listen to [...]

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Should we teach boys versus girls differently in preschool?

Let's face it - little boys and little girls have some basic differences. They look different, they smell and sound different (sometimes), they have different body parts, and sometimes they even play differently. But the real question is, should we teach them differently? The most recent topic of discussion on Bam Radio titled "Debunking 3 Big Fat Myths About Teaching Boys Versus Teaching Girls" seeks to answer that question.  Click on the link [...]

Is it possible to give too much positive praise to preschoolers?

Last week I was the guest commentator on the Bam Radio Show along with Rae Pica, Ellen Ava Sigler, Ed.D.,  and Margaret Berry Wilson. The topic was titled, "Creating Praise Junkies: Are You Giving Children Too Much "Positive" Reinforcement?" . You can click on the link to take a listen. Rae Pica with Ellen Ava Sigler, Ed.D., Margaret Berry Wilson, and Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. My Thoughts on positive reinforcement... I have seen [...]