Having fun with a little blue and yellow in preschool

After reading the story, "Little Blue and Little Yellow" by Leo Lionni we did a little blue and yellow color mixing of our own... We have been exploring balls and so we combined our reading with a little blue and yellow ball painting... Each of the children started out by putting their paper in the box and then adding some blue and yellow paint on their paper... Once each child added a little yellow and [...]

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Developing large motor skills by playing on the line in preschool

Tape is such a wonderful thing to keep handy in preschool. In the latest conference I attended, the Ooey Gooey lady said you should keep a roll of painter's tape on your wrist at all times! I am inclined to agree... Using some green painter's tape, I made a large square on the floor so we could practice for our up and coming school musical. The children found other uses for the tape during their [...]

At play with baby: bouncing balls

A big ball, medium ball, and a small ball too... A red ball, yellow ball, and one the color blue... What can Clara do with three balls on the ground? She can push them, and follow them, and roll them around! The small ball is soft... The red ball is bumpy... The blue ball is smooth... The balls are no longer sitting on the ground but Clara found them as she looked all around!

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Preschool large motor fun with tape shapes

Wy and I had a busy new year's night trying all kinds of fun art activities but it was also nice just to do something geared more towards using our large motor skills... I started us off by making some shapes with yellow painter's tape on the floor. Painter's tape is always better than masking tape because it can be removed easily without leaving a sticky residue but it holds up well too for playing. [...]