Baby game : up, up, up and dowwwwwwn

Up and Down Baby Game

Exploring the concepts of up and down, in and out, with this fun little baby game!

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At play with Baby: an outdoor texture walk

Going on a texture walk with a young child can bring new understanding of our world and each other…

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Part two: Baby day in preschool

Part two of baby day in preschool!! A day of celebrating together a new baby and becoming an older sibling.

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Baby bottle painting in preschool

To celebrate a new baby sister, our class enjoyed baby day in preschool!

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At play with baby: look at me

For those of you who have not graduated into the grandma club, then you may not appreciate this as much when I say…   There is nothing more amazing than watching your own child be a parent! I love watching my daughter be a mom – she is so natural and nurturing and smart! Shall […]

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