Simple DIY family puzzles for preschool

If you want to capture a young child's attention, then focus on the things that matter the most to the child and one of those things is the child's family. Our preschoolers have a way of reminding us about what matters most to them through their everyday conversations and interactions. And although any time throughout the school year is a good time to celebrate families, the holidays are especially a good time to focus on the [...]

The preschool art gallery

Throughout part of our school year, we began saving a few pieces of the children's artwork so to have a sampling of each child's work that we could display in our simple preschool art gallery... It is always amazing to me how different artwork looks once you frame it or mount it on a colored background. It suddenly can change the look of the artwork from a blob of colors on paper to having the look [...]

Thanksgiving: Fun Friday features

Last week our fellow bloggers shared some awesome Thanksgiving activities in the Discover and Explore linky.  Today I'm sharing four different ways to make "gratitude trees" or "thankful trees."  These trees are a fun way for children to express their thoughts of thankfulness... Mrs. O'Daniels shared these colorful thankful trees that her children made for their grandparents... Adventures in Wunderland shared this really sweet handprint thankful tree… Makeovers and Motherhood shared a printable template for their thankfulness trees... [...]

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Creating with natural materials: Fun Friday features

Last week, our Discover and Explore crew asked our fellow bloggers to link up their favorite posts about creating with natural materials.  Today I am sharing a few of the posts that I found to be really interesting and unique... Danya Banya shared these awesome painted seed pods.  I don't think I've ever seen seed pods this big before in our area!  But we do have some flat, long seed pods that would also be [...]

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