The preschool art gallery

Throughout part of our school year, we began saving a few pieces of the children's artwork so to have a sampling of each child's work that we could display in our simple preschool art gallery... It is always amazing to me how different artwork looks once you frame it or mount it on a colored background. It suddenly can change the look of the artwork from a blob of colors on paper to having the look [...]

This is what happens when you give a set of stickers to a set of kids

Making the rounds in social networking has been this wonderful post titled, "This is What Happens when you Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids." from Colossal. This post shares the wonderful artwork called, "The Obliteration Room." If you haven't taken a look at their sticker dot covered white room yet, it is worth a quick peek! Inspired by this work of art, I created our own mini-version of this dot art process by [...]

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Creating a preschool art gallery

There is just something special about taking a child's artwork and adding a simple frame. It makes simple art look like fine art. I know these look like real frames but they are sheets of  paper stationary with a "framed look" around the edges. The teachers cut out the center of the paper and placed it over some of the children's artwork. Through out this summer, the children at Learning Time Preschool school have been [...]

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Framing your preschool artwork

The children have been creating all summer and the teachers have been saving a selection of each child's art for an end of the summer Art Gallery. Part of preparing the artwork for the gallery is framing the art. I took a little look around to see how the children are framing their artwork and here are a few samples I came across... Craft Sticks Some of the artwork was framed in colorful craft sticks... [...]

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