A visit to the apple market : an apple dramatic play center

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We had an amazing week exploring the Apple Market dramatic play center in preschool!

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Building fine motor skills at the apple tree play dough table

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As part of our fun with apples, I thought it would be a good time to set out our homemade red play dough and invite the children to practice their skill of rolling the play dough to make apples for our apple tree…

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Will the animals eat our apples?

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We went outdoors to find the answer to our question “Will animals eat apples?” for our science and discovery in preschool.

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Apple tree scrunch art

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We spent some time exploring and tasting real apples in my classroom and of course, we just had to make an apple tree. Our apple tree may seem a little abstract but the process was fun and interesting and achievable by new little ones.

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Making apple patterns in preschool

Making simple patterns with apples on a sentence strip in preschool!

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Working together to create our friendship apple tree

Building community and making new friends as we paint an apple tree together in preschool.

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Sticky table friendship apples

Exploring friendship with the help of little mouse and his apple!

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Butterfly snack in a baggie

The preschoolers made butterflies from their snacks in bag!

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Fine motor turkeys in preschool

Simple and last minute fine motor thanksgiving or turkey activities for preschool!

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We made apple trees in preschool

Learning about glue and tearing paper while we made apple trees in preschool!

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Apple tree fingerplay in preschool

Combine the flannel board and fingerplay in your preschool classroom!

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Counting ten red apples for preschool math

Sometimes, coming up with a math component in your preschool lesson plans can seem rather daunting but there are many tools you can use for helping design fun and inviting mathematical activities.  One simple way to get the ideas flowing is to look for children’s books that promote counting and other mathematical concepts. “Ten Red […]

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We made apple pies in preschool

We read “The Apple Pie Tree” by Zoe Hall then explored apples through art and language.

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A is for painting apple trees in preschool

I just love apples and the beginning of a new school year gives me every excuse I can to have fun making and learning about apples. To make these fun little apple trees, gather up some red, yellow, green paint, and some brown construction paper. I used a tissue roll but you can also use […]

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