Waterplay their way

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Following the children’s lead has led to new kinds of waterplay!

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After christmas for the birds

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Perhaps you are one of the many who are in the process of taking down the Christmas tree. Well don’t be too quick to think Christmas has to be completely over yet!

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A Guidecraft educator review and give-away : Barnyard Activity Boxes

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This month our Guidecraft Educator Team is reviewing and giving away one set of Barnyard Activity Boxes! Come and check it out!

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Small, tall, fall

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When I come across a picture book that has a few very carefully chosen words along with amazing illustrations, I get so excited. The book titled, “Tall” by Jez Alborough was the perfect book to get us talking about the words, “small, tall, and fall.”

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Will the animals eat our apples?

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We went outdoors to find the answer to our question “Will animals eat apples?” for our science and discovery in preschool.

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A story in a box

Telling the story and then inviting my entire class to join me to retell this wonderful story in a box together!

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How to make lions in preschool

There is no right or wrong way to make a lion in preschool!

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Tips for having a classroom visitor come to your preschool

A few tips that you might want to consider when inviting a “paid” visitor to come to your preschool…

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Preschool activity | Animal tracks are not alike

One of our final activities in preschool for exploring things that are not alike!

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We made more lions in preschool

This class has also been exploring the letter L and they made lions too! The teacher started out by showing the children how to draw a lion face… Then the children began drawing their own lion faces on orange construction paper circles… I am a huge advocate for modeling drawing and writing skills for children […]

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L is for lion in preschool

The children are exploring the letter L this week and today, this class made lions! The children started out with a construction paper circle then added a construction paper mouth, nose, and two googly eyeballs… Once they had their facial features added, the children brushed the edge of the paper circle with a thick layer […]

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