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I have hands!

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Exploring fingers and hands while the children enjoy the process of making their own handprints!

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Exploring the inside of our outside

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The study of x-rays, bones, and our bodies turned out to be quite an interesting and fun experiences as the prekindergarten age children worked to complete the skeleton of a paper boy in our classroom.

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DIY Friendship Blocks

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Our preschool class is loving our DIY friendship blocks. A great tool for helping the children make new friends and feeling welcomed into the community.

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Star of the week in preschool

Star of the Week

This was our second year of implementing the “Star of the Week” in my classroom and all I can say is that I love, love, love the results of this process.

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Learning about our bodies is fun with felt

Felt Anatomy

Asia from Fun at Home with Kids is sharing this amazing life size anatomy made from felt (along with the help of her adorable daughter). Stop by to read all about it!

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All about me: I am special in preschool

Play this fun little hand mirror game with your preschoolers and sing “I am Special!”

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