Discover and Explore: An acorn round-up

Fall is almost upon us!  At preschool, we are already seeing glimpses of fall.  There is a chill in the morning air as moms drop off their children.  We've noticed the green leaves turning to vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow.  And probably one of the greatest tell-tale signs of fall around our preschool is all of the cute little acorns that are scattered on the ground.  We love exploring acorns in preschool!  Today [...]

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Painting with acorns and an oatmeal container in preschool

A fan on my Facebook page recently shared how you can use an oatmeal container for marble painting and I thought this was such a clever idea. I had never thought of it before so we  decided to try it with acorns as part of our fall theme. We started off by putting a piece of paper in the oatmeal container. Then added some red, orange, brown, and yellow paint and a handful of acorns. [...]

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