Simple Songs for Preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart


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Simple Songs for Preschool CD includes the following songs…

1. Itty Bitty Worm  11. The Color I Want to See
2. The Seed Grows  12. Tell Me How You’re Feeling
3. Three Little Birds  13. Nature Pie
4. Round and Round  14. Four Leaf Clover
5. One Little Hammer  15. In the Garden
6. Painter Paul  16. Nothing Goin’ On
7. There’s an Ant  17. When I Went Swimming
8. Busy Bee  18. Down on the Farm
9. One Green Frog  19. Train Station
10. Animals at the Zoo  Final 8 songs repeated as chants…


Preview some of Deborah’s songs from the Simple Songs for Preschool CD below…

Nature Pie (Bucket and Shovel Song) [audio:|titles=Nature Pie]

Animals at the Zoo [audio:|titles=Animals At The Zoo (1)]

Busy Busy Bee [audio:|titles=Busy Busy Bee]

Down on the Farm

[audio:|titles=Down On The Farm]

In the Garden [audio:|titles=In The Garden]

Itty Bitty Worm [audio:|titles=Itty Bitty Worm (1)]

One Green Frog

[audio:|titles=One Green Frog]