Early eLearning Workshops

I remember the first day I walked into a preschool age classroom and observed the teacher seamlessly interacting with her young students. Her skill and ability to capture the attention of these noisy, busy little bodies was like magic.

Her connection to each child was full of warmth and acceptance. Her attention to details that affected the health, safety, education, and development of each child in her classroom was clearly evident. As I stood off to the side and observed this masterful teacher at work, I was deeply touched and incredibly inspired. I came away from her classroom with high expectations about the kind of teacher I wanted to be.

From that day forward, I became a life-long student of early childhood education.

It has been over 30 years since that encounter and since that day, I have had the privilege of having many incredible early childhood mentors invest in me. Now I hope you will give me the privilege of investing in you.

Each of my Early eLearning workshops is designed with these elements in mind…

  • To inspire you through real life photos and video of learning in action from my own classroom.
  • To fill your library with fresh ideas and successful teaching practices.
  • And to always be authentic in what I share.

Resource Library

Meet Deborah

I am a teacher who is always learning and growing so as you read my blog, you will see that I am also always changing my approach towards teaching based upon what I believe my students need from me and what I am currently learning about best practices in early childhood education.  I believe the best learning takes place through meaningful play and exploration so I fill my small classroom environment with opportunities for the children to explore new and interesting processes and materials every single day.