Would you like to contribute to Teach Preschool?

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The following guidelines are effective as of Jan. 1, 2013.

Type of content accepted…

  • Infant through preschool-age focused ideas only.
  • Simple ideas that seek to promote early learning at home or in the preschool classroom.
  • Articles can include most any idea related to cooking with kids, math, science, art, play, and other content areas or can be focused on a type of development (fine motor, large motor) appropriate for young children.
  • DIY toys, games, resources are always fun.
  • Simple Tips for Teachers and Homeschool Parents.
  • Activities should be  hands-on, open-ended, and play-based.

Types of content not accepted…

  • Food art and other food for play activities, waterbeads, shave cream, or other products such as this. (Although Teach Preschool does include blog posts about such ideas, these types of topics are controversial and so it is best to choose something else for your topic). 
  • Professional Development topics (these type guest posts are by invitation only).
  • Posts that are negative or could be considered inconsiderate of parents/teachers/children/ or others.
  • Activities based on or that requires the use of preschool worksheets or printables.
  • Any topic that Deborah feels is not a good fit for the Teach Preschool Blog.
  • Content that is not written specifically for the purpose of sharing on Teach Preschool (posts that are distributed to other sites for publication).

Type of contributors that are most likely to be accepted…

  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Home School Parents
  • “Kid-Friendly” or “Early Childhood Education Focused Bloggers”

Type of contributors that are not accepted…

  • Representatives of websites that do not clearly specialize in early childhood education.
  • Representatives of websites or blogs that are solely designed for the purpose of promoting a store, service, childcare center/franchise, school, college, or product for sale.
  • Pretty much anyone that “represents” a site or blog rather than the actual owner of the site or blog.

What should be included in your post?

  • Enough quality photos (3 or more)  illustrating your message or idea.  These must be photos you own and may not show faces of children – unless they are photos of your own child or you have parent permission to share online.  Photos that focus on hands at play or work are almost always the best solution.
  • Approximately 300 words that clearly, comfortably, and positively share your idea or message.
  • Credit to any source that you may have used for ideas or inspiration.

What should not be included in your post?

  • Links to other blogs or websites (outside of your own) unless you need to give credit to an original source or source for inspiration of an idea. 
  • Photos that you do not own or have the right to publish.
  • Ideas or wording that is not your original work.

Submission Guidelines

To be considered as a contributor to the Teach Preschool Blog, send a brief overview of your idea (proposal) by email to deborah@teachpreschool.org. Include the following information in your email…

  • A brief description of what you would like to write about.
  • A sample photo. (See above criteria on the use of photos).
  •  A brief overview about yourself
  • A link to your blog or website (if applicable)
  • Your current role in educating or caring for young children.

Your submission will be reviewed and considered whether it is a good fit for Teach Preschool within a two to three week period.  You will then be notified as to whether or not your post will be accepted and a date for publishing will be decided.  All correspondence will take place by email so be sure to provide an accurate email for communication. If edits need to be made, you will be notified.  Teach Preschool reserves the right to proof read and edit all submissions that are accepted for posting but will work with the author in the process. 

If your post is accepted…

You will need to provide the article along with photos by email on the submission date agreed upon by email and no later.  You will need to include…

  • The article describing your idea or message.
  • The images that illustrate your idea or message.
  • Any links to your blog or website (if applicable).
  • Send the final version of your article as a Microsoft Word document or email me the HTML version of the post.
  • Include a short bio about yourself  and your blog.
  • Include all photos as jpeg and send via email along with the article.

What will be added to your article?

  • You will be notified when your article is set  to be published.
  • A brief introduction by Teach Preschool will be added to the beginning of the article.
  • Your short bio, which will be provided by you, will be placed at the end of the post as well as up to three links to where you can be found (blog or website/facebook or other social networking site.
  • Links to grow on (added by Teach Preschool) but you may make suggestions.
  • Amazon Links (Using Teach Preschool Amazon affiliate program).

Where will your article be shared?

  • Your article  will be shared on all Teach Preschool social networking sites including but not limited to: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Sulia, Google +, and ScoopIt as well as in all Teach Preschool newsletters.
  • You remain the owner of any content your share with Teach Preschool and upon written request, the content will be removed within 30 days from the blog should you deem it is necessary to have it removed. Any photos that were contributed by you will be removed from the blog’s media center as well but due to technology restraints, photos or thumbnails of photos cannot be removed from social networking sites once they are shared.  A photo from your set of photos will be rendered for the purpose of promoting your article as needed (example: adding a title or your blog name).
  • After 30 days from publication on Teach Preschool, you may share the article on your own site if you so desire. In order to comply with Google’s standards and to avoid duplicate content, please leave a link back to the post shared on www.teachpreschool.org.