A lesson in color mixing

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All through out the year, I give my students lots of opportunities for exploring concepts such as color mixing but along with the freedom to explore, I will often take the time to sit down with my students and walk through a concept. This lesson in color mixing is an example of such a time…

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The do’s and don’ts of reading aloud to young children

Do's and Don'ts of Read-Alouds

Come and discover the Do’s and Don’ts of Read-Alouds gleaned from “The Read-Aloud Handbook” by Jim Trelease.

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DIY fingerprint paint pads and bugs

DIY Paint Pad

We love making fingerprint bugs and flowers and now we have a new fingerprint pad to help the process run more smoothly!

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Paper name puzzle for preschool

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Exploring our first and last names with a paper name puzzle in preschool!

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20Moms: making simple peg fairies with Red Ted Art

20Moms blogger, Maggy Woodley has dropped by to share her creativity with us today and I am over at The Artful Parent sharing mine!

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Ten tips for circletime in the preschool classroom

Today I want to share with you ten tips for making circletime an engaging and interesting experience in the preschool classroom.

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From maps to mazes and amazing teamwork

Have you ever noticed the similarities between road maps and mazes? We are exploring the connection between the two this week in preschool.

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Elephant toothpaste

February is National Children’s Dental month and we’ve been having all kinds of fun learning how animals have different types of teeth!  To extend our study into science, we created elephant toothpaste… We began our study of animal teeth by reading our Scholastic Weekly Reader.  The front cover of the Weekly Reader gave us a […]

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The mystery color experiment

All preschoolers love to see how baking soda and vinegar react. We’ve added a new twist with our mystery color experiment.

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Lemon drops on the light table

We’ve have been building our eye-hand coordination by playing with lemon drops on the light table in preschool.

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Christmas party games for preschoolers

Oops!  I hit publish by accident!   Working on a redo!

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The number game

Exploring our numbers with the book “One” and a fun number game!

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Making friendship bracelets in preschool

Working together to make new friends as we explored the process of making friendship bracelets in preschool!

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Engineering with ramp making materials in preschool

More than just exploring! Our preschoolers use the ramp making materials to think big!

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Managing biting in the toddler environment

See what the experts had to say on Bam Radio about how to address biting in the early childhood classroom.

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The Amazing Action Alphabet phonics program review and give-away

Enter to win the Amazing Action Alphabet CD and Chart we used in our classroom this past school year!

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