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Books and technology in the preschool classroom

I recently read a blog article posted by my new friend Matt at “Look at my Happy Rainbow” titled “Pop Up.” Matt shared with his readers how much his Kindergarten age children still enjoy books – even Pop Up books. I was even kind of surprised at this and then he showed a picture of […]

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Preschool proof your teaching resources

Let’s face it – laminating posters, file folder games, and bulletin board pieces can get expensive. I wish I could offer up some great alternatives to laminating but all I can tell you is that in the long run, laminating produces the best results. In the old days, I used clear contact paper to laminate my resources […]

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Threading yarn with preschoolers

This is just a short tip for you to tuck away the next time your preschoolers are threading yarn. Start by taping the end of your string or yarn to the table so it doesn’t slide around. This will keep the items you are threading from sliding off the end! Put a long, thin strip […]

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Puzzles and games in the preschool classrooom

There are many kinds of puzzles and games you can include in your early childhood classroom. Puzzles and games present great opportunities for growth and development. Socially Games provide time for children to learn to take turns, talk together, and learn to follow rules. Emotionally Games and puzzles provide time for children to work through […]

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Teaching Tools for Circle Time

There are many tools teachers can use to introduce educational concepts during circle time to their preschool students for example… Puppets – puppets are a great way to capture the attention of preschool age children. Preschoolers of all ages love to interact with and watch puppets. Children’s books – a well selected book can kick […]

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Make Bulletin Boards a Priority in Your Classroom

Messy, outdated, torn, and faded bulletin boards have a negative impact on parents and students where as bright, clean, and updated bulletin boards have a positive impact on parents and students. It is easy to forget that what goes on the wall is just as critical in the learning environment as the furniture on the […]

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