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Are you on Instagram? If not, let me invite you to check it out and if you are let me invite you to look me up!... You can take a quick look at my Instagram photos here! What is Instagram? I would describe it as a simple photo sharing forum designed for on-the-go or mobile users. What will you find on Instagram? For me it is a quick and easy way to share photos from my [...]

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Colorful and educational rice bottles for preschoolers

I have been playing around with rice bottles to see what I can do to make them both fun and educational. I love all the different versions of rice bottle, also called "I Spy" bottles, I have seen on other blogs and since I whipped up all that colorful rice a few weeks ago, I have really wanted to make a few of my own.... This bottle of rice has little rubber ducks and fish [...]

Organizing your teacher bag for preschool

I think I have hundreds teacher bags laying around. I get them from all sorts of places but mostly from conferences I attend. Several months ago, I shared how we organize our teaching materials for the week. My main purpose in using a teacher bag is to make transitions between activities go smoothly and to keep essential tools at my fingertips... I use it to keep things handy like scissors, a permanent marker, glue, and [...]

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Our favorite ways to glue in preschool

Gluing with Cotton Swabs Cotton swabs make a quick and easy way of adding glue to art activities - when you are done, just throw the swabs away. The drawback is that if you use one swab too long, it gets kinds of stringy so you need to have plenty of fresh swabs around to replace the ooey gooey ones. Give the glue bottle a little squeeze Exercise fine motor skills by giving glue bottles [...]

The value of scooping and pouring and counting candy corn in preschool

If there is one area in my own professional development that I have come to appreciate more than ever, it is the value of sensory play. I have always included sensory play in my lesson plans but it hasn't been until this past year that I have really taken the time to sit down with the children and observe how much they really love it and the value it brings to their development. Today, the [...]

Rainbow tracing in preschool

Rainbow tracing is a simple technique for helping children work on their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and beginning writing skills. The technique is fairly simple. You give each child at least three different colors of crayons and a shape, number or letter to trace. The children begin by tracing the shape with their finger. Then the children use one color of crayon and trace the shape. Then the children use the second color to [...]

Put a spark in your story time by Tammy Flowers

As an early childhood educator with a heart for literacy, I am inspired daily by the awe in a child’s eyes as they lose themselves in a simple storybook.  As the pages are flipped, we naturally alter our voice to make magical characters come to life; seizing the attentions of even the squirmiest child and enrapturing their curiosity for the written word. As you read my intro, maybe you’re asking yourself, “Have I ever seen [...]

Simple read-aloud circle time tip for preschool

I have written several posts about reading aloud to preschoolers and this is a little tip you might like to use for one or more of your read-aloud opportunities... Whenever possible, I like to collect the characters of popular children's books like "Madeline" by Ludwig Bemelmans and "Arthur" by Marc Brown. When I go to read the story to the children, I bring the little doll or stuffed toy with me and introduce it to [...]