Story Telling

Sharing cookies : storytelling and creating

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Reading a fun story about cookies, retelling the story then expanding on the topic of cookies as we made our own creative puffy paint cookies in preschool!

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Storytelling on the easel

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This week we have been exploring waves in the ocean through our literature, art, water play, and other experiences in preschool.

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Drawing and story telling with a purple crayon

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While I read the classic tale of “Harold and the Purple Crayon” to my students, I invited them to tell me their own purple crayon story.

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Count a mouse story telling props and game

Retelling the story “Mouse Count” by Ellen Stoll Walsh with our story telling props and then playing a mouse count game!

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DIY table top puppet stage and The Three Little Pigs

Creating a DIY tabletop puppet stage and telling the story of The Three Little Pigs! My kids loved it!

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A story in a box

Telling the story and then inviting my entire class to join me to retell this wonderful story in a box together!

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Retelling our own version of the mitten book in preschool

Our own retelling and acting out of the mitten book in preschool!

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Thanksgiving time story telling with symbols in preschool

Telling stories during circle time with symbols and on our own with story symbol cards in our preschool class.

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In the News: Telling a story right out of the bag in preschool

Using a story telling bag is a terrific way to promote language and literacy skills in preschool!

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Making story stones in preschool

We made awesome story stones in preschool.

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Using puppets in the preschool classroom

Tips for using puppets in the preschool classroom!

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