Why reindeer should not go to preschool

Reindeer should not go to preschool... Because they don't know how to play... They are fuzzy and smelly... And they chew on our clothes... And are a big distraction all day! But the most important reason... Is the mess they make on the floor... So no matter what the season... Don't let a reindeer come [...]

It’s Thanksgiving Day!

We finally wrapped up our big Thanksgiving feast at preschool the other day and it was such a fun day! At our school feast the children and teachers set the tables... Decorated the walls with the many things they had made... Put on their pilgrim hats... Gave their parent guests the hats they prepared for [...]

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Making centerpieces for our Thanksgiving feast

Our thanksgiving feast is only a few days away and we are almost all ready to go. We have already made our hats, invitations, and menu, and place mats! Today I want to show you some our table centerpieces... This class made little turkeys out of paper cups! And this class made paper cup turkeys too! This [...]

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Making place mats for our Thanksgiving feast in preschool

As part of our preparation for our thanksgiving feast, we have made all kinds of place mats. Each teacher has selected a different design for their children to make. This class made turkeys by drawing around their foot and cutting it out of brown construction paper. The children glued their paper foot onto their place [...]

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Making hats for our Thanksgiving feast

The children are preparing their hats for our Thanksgiving feast so they can come to the feast all dressed up! We have our pilgrim hats and bonnets... And for our guests, the children have prepared their own Indian headbands... See the instructions to make similar pilgrim hats made by Naturally Educational. See this post for [...]

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