Let’s play color ice hockey

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The weather here is like one giant deep freeze outside which means it is a good time to explore ice like this fun and simple Color Ice Hockey game!

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Let it snow

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Winter has come early for us and we are embracing the snow with fun indoor and outdoor activities!

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10 simple snowman activities

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As winter draws near, it is a good idea to begin planning for colder weather activities. We have 10 fun and simple snowmen activities to share.

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Catch a falling snowflake

Have you ever taken the time to truly examine a snowflake? That’s exactly what we did when we tried to catch a falling snowflake in preschool.

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Snowman sensory puzzle

Having fun exploring snow with this sensory based puzzle and fine motor play process!

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Preschoolers like driving through a snow storm

I didn’t really have a plan for this activity and it isn’t something that will probably get hung up on the refrigerator but Wy had a terrific time with it… I set out a sheet of black construction paper and put a few dots of white paint on the paper. I told Wy that we […]

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