Water play

Colored water play in preschool

Colored Water Mixing

Exploring the process of mixing colors with this very intriguing and open ended water play station!

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Exploring what will float or sink in preschool

Exploring sink or float with Styrofoam trays, plastic lids, and other simple materials…

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Ketchup and Mustard waterplay

Along with our dramatic play with the grill, our painting on the grill, and our ketchup and mustard squeeze painting, we enjoyed some ketchup and mustard waterplay… The original intent of this water table was to wash and dry dishes (which they did earlier that day) but the boys wanted to squeeze the left over yellow […]

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Getting preschoolers involved in classroom setup

Sometimes we, as adults, tend to think we should have everything just perfect and all set up before the children come into the classroom.  I agree that having things organized can help with classroom management and the flow of the classroom day but at the same time, it is also a good idea to save […]

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Plastic egg color mixing water play science in preschool

They say to keep your titles short but I couldn’t decide what to call this so I threw in the all the words that describe this activity! This is a fun little activity for exploring water and color mixing. I have written this post with examples of questions that can be asked as the children […]

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