Keeping the glue bottles with brushes clean in preschool

This is one of my favorite glue bottles that I highly recommend for young children... The only problem is that after some use, the glue lid gets impossibly stuck to the bottle... I spent a long time cleaning the tops of these bottles and even ended up with some pretty sore fingers trying to pry the lids off. Then I put the bottles (only the ones that had lids completely glued shut) in the dishwasher. [...]

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Counting children in preschool should really count

Often times teachers only think of counting their students when they are headed out on a field trip or going outdoors to play. But getting into the habit of counting children should start even when you are in the classroom all day! Here are a few tips for keeping safe track of your students... Keep a folder or clipboard with a checklist of names of each of your students on it. Before leaving one room [...]

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Our favorite ways to glue in preschool

Gluing with Cotton Swabs Cotton swabs make a quick and easy way of adding glue to art activities - when you are done, just throw the swabs away. The drawback is that if you use one swab too long, it gets kinds of stringy so you need to have plenty of fresh swabs around to replace the ooey gooey ones. Give the glue bottle a little squeeze Exercise fine motor skills by giving glue bottles [...]

Why reindeer should not go to preschool

Reindeer should not go to preschool... Because they don't know how to play... They are fuzzy and smelly... And they chew on our clothes... And are a big distraction all day! But the most important reason... Is the mess they make on the floor... So no matter what the season... Don't let a reindeer come in your preschool door! LOL - we loved having the reindeer come and visit us at preschool today! Thank you [...]

Show and Tell day in preschool

I had the opportunity to observe these children as they participated in Show-and-Tell Day! The children started out by getting the toy or item they brought and joining everyone in the circle... The children then placed the toys behind their back while they waited for their turn to share with the group... The teacher calls each child to the front of the room and let's them show their toy to the rest of the class... [...]

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Weekly Reader in preschool

For as far back as I can remember, we have been subscribing to the Weekly Reader. This is a simple four page newspaper for kids that focuses on specific topics in each issue. In this pre-k classroom the Weekly Reader topic for the day is on Fall Fruit.  I want to share with you the method we tend to use when introducing Weekly Readers to our students but this is not to say it is [...]

How to facilitate the creative art process in preschool

Allowing children to make decisions is an important aspect of their art experience. When children are constantly told where to place each piece of paper or where to put their hand print, they lose confidence in their own ability to make good choices. When we talk about Process over Product, there are many reasons why this concept is emphasized. Part of the process is giving children choices in how they would like to create or [...]

The value of scooping and pouring and counting candy corn in preschool

If there is one area in my own professional development that I have come to appreciate more than ever, it is the value of sensory play. I have always included sensory play in my lesson plans but it hasn't been until this past year that I have really taken the time to sit down with the children and observe how much they really love it and the value it brings to their development. Today, the [...]

A daily review of the letters of the alphabet in preschool

As part of our morning greeting, we take a few short minutes to review the letters of the alphabet. When we review the letters of the alphabet, we sometimes sing the traditional alphabet song. Using the alphabet song helps the children remember the order of the letters. As an adult, I still use the alphabet song to remember the order of the letters. But most of the time we say the letters of the alphabet [...]