Quick Tips for Preschool Teachers

Kid-friendly water faucet tip

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To help my students know which handle next to the water faucet is hot and which is cold, I always keep a supply of red and green rubber bands around!

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10 ways to use a birthday chair in the preschool classroom

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Discover ten ways to use a birthday chair for promoting reading and writing and other skills throughout your preschool classroom!

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Five fun ways to teach with tape

Teaching with Tape

Introducing five fun ways teachers can use tape in the preschool classroom to promote learning and play!

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The secret recipe for inviting children to take care of books in the preschool classroom

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Here is my secret recipe for helping the preschool-age children in my class take care of our classroom books!

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How to put on a coat in preschool

To help the children be more independent in putting coats on, we teach them this simple process so they can learn how to put on their own coat.

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Tips for having a classroom visitor come to your preschool

A few tips that you might want to consider when inviting a “paid” visitor to come to your preschool…

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What do you do with all that left-over paint?

Don’t toss out all that left-over paint in preschool!

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Mini-plexiglass easels for the preschool classroom

Mini-Plexiglass Easels are a terrific tool for inviting young children to color and write!

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Make pool safety a priority even though the end of summer draws near

Although school is just around the corner, it is likely that with the days still being so hot, many of you will still be taking your preschoolers for a little dip in the swimming pool. “Two-thirds of childhood drownings occur May through August, making drowning the biggest summertime risk for kids” (RD)  Cara Pettersen wants […]

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Preschool circle time idea | Grab a spot

  I am so blessed each day by the folks over at  Teach Preschool on Facebook! They are always giving me great ideas and when I hear of something really cool, I like to try it out. A few months ago, we were sharing ideas for sitting in circletime and among the many wonderful ideas, […]

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Quick tip for storing your preschool flannel board stories

I am always making and collecting flannel board stories and games for my classroom. I love how flannel board stories and activities can capture the attention of young children and get them involved in circletime. I will be posting several of our flannel board activities throughout this school year but today, I want to show […]

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Simple tip for organizing activities that go with your favorite children’s books

I thought I would share how I keep track of some of my favorite teaching resources that go with some of my favorite children’s books… There are some activities or materials that I just know I will want to use the next time I read a specific book to my class so I simply tuck the […]

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Hands off in preschool

In our zest to help children “create” sometimes it is easy to forget what it means to be creative… Creativity is inspired when we give children the opportunity to explore the art process and materials without the pressure of having to do it in a specific way… In an effort to teach children, adults get […]

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Playing the train game in preschool

During our musical a few weeks ago, I taught the older children a little train song and dance. Part of what we did was use our chairs to make a train for the musical. The two year old children would often come into the room and watch us as we practiced the train song… I […]

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How to clean up the preschool classroom

To keep your classroom clean, start by keeping a broom and dust pan by the sand table at all times… And keep old towels near the water table at all times… And be sure to have extra paper towels available for cleaning the tables… And keep plenty of baskets handy for sorting and putting away […]

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Keeping the glue bottles with brushes clean in preschool

This is one of my favorite glue bottles that I highly recommend for young children… The only problem is that after some use, the glue lid gets impossibly stuck to the bottle… I spent a long time cleaning the tops of these bottles and even ended up with some pretty sore fingers trying to pry […]

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