Literacy Beginnings | Chapter 20 | Names

The most powerful and effective way for children to begin learning the complex process of learning about letters is by writing their own names." ~Carol Lyons Retrieved from Literacy Beginnings on July 25, 2011 Today I am sharing the highlights from Chapter 20 Names: A Powerful resource for Literacy Learning by Pinnell and Fountas. This is one chapter from this amazing book blog party sponsored by Vanessa over at Pre-K Pages. Names According to Pinnell [...]

Literacy Beginnings: Chapter two: Building a Community of Learners

I am thrilled to be participating in the Book Study Blog Party being hosted by Pre-K Pages. Each participating blogger is taking a turn to read a chapter of the book "Literacy Beginnings" by Gay Su Pinnell and Irene C. Fountas.  You can check out the linky at the bottom of this post to see each chapter as it is posted by the bloggers or go to Pre-k Pages and follow along from there. Vanessa [...]

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Literacy Beginnings: Come and read along with us!

Vanessa over at Pre-K Pages is hosting a Literacy Beginnings Book Study Blog Party! One terrific way to promote professional development is to find a group to read along with! There are some terrific bloggers participating in this book study and you can too! You can purchase the book from Amazon or you can check in everyday and see the highlights shared by each of the participating bloggers. Read Chapter One today with Vanessa Levin [...]

Really cute but not so fun in preschool

Last week, I visited a class that was making doves as part of their study of peace and MLK. As I observed this class, it was clear to both the teacher and I that this project was a cute idea on paper but pretty worthless when it came to process... That's the tricky thing about selecting activities for preschoolers to do. What may seem like an idea that fits perfectly with your theme and may [...]

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Reflecting on the parents of preschoolers

This is Wy, my nephew, and his mommy. They were over at my house on New Year's Day and while they read a book together, I stepped back and observed (with camera in hand). The book they were reading was one that Wy's mommy had bought for him. Each page is illustrated with wonderful textured photos that Wy loves to feel with his hands as his mommy reads aloud to him. And as they turn [...]

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The child centered classroom: Adding things to do

I have been writing about setting up classrooms over the past few weeks and so far I talked a little bit about setting up furniture and selecting baskets for your shelves. Once you have your baskets, you will certainly need to decide what will go into the baskets. What goes into each basket depends on the purpose behind each center (shelf) you are creating. For example, in the fine motor center/shelf I put lacing cards, [...]

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Christmas bows and boxes in preschool

The other day, I shared with you how our curriculum coordinator puts together activity boxes for the classrooms. I thought I would now show you one of the activities in action... In this particular activity box, the children found boxes with numbers (1 - 5) printed on the outside and a set of Christmas bows.  The idea was for the children to identify the number on the box... Then count out that many bows to [...]

Get informed about early childhood education degree programs

Early Childhood Education Degree Programs: What are Your Options? By Brian Jenkins What types of early childhood education programs are available? Many colleges and universities offer accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the subject. You may also have the option of obtaining a professional certificate at certain schools. Programs are available both on-campus and online. The preferred degree depends on your selected area of early childhood education. Let's take a look at the various programs [...]

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Yelling is not an effective teaching practice in preschool

Whether you call it yelling, hollering, or raising your voice - the reality is, yelling, hollering, or raising your voice to get the attention of your students is not an effective teaching practice. Yelling makes you grumpy. Yelling makes you tired. Yelling increases your stress. Yelling makes your students grumpy. Yelling makes your students tired. Yelling increases your student's stress. When you raise your voice often, the kids learn to tune it out. Yelling models poor communication skills. Yelling is disrespectful, intimidating, [...]

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