Sing it again in preschool

A couple of days after presenting the 'Simple Songs for Preschoolers' workshop, I took the opportunity to visit one of the schools. The teachers didn't know I was coming, I just dropped in. What a thrill it was to come into this class and find them trying out some of the new songs they had learned. But first we had to stop and fix our hair! After singing "Round and Round I Go" the children [...]

Simple songs for preschoolers

Last week I had the opportunity to present the music I have written with two groups of teachers. These two meetings were a good practice run for helping me to prepare for presenting the music at the Indiana State IAEYC conference in April. I came to the school early to make sure things were all set up so we could sing and learn as many songs as possible. I brought hand outs with all the words [...]

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Musical instruments in the preschool classroom

There are a variety of ways you can use musical instruments in the classroom. Create a music center and try adding... Baskets of musical instruments A CD Player A pretend microphone A mirror A little platform for a stage (square) Posters and books about music, composers, notes, and nursery rhymes. Staple together little books of notation paper and add drawing tools for children to create their own songs. Baskets of movement props like paper plates, [...]

Extending music in the preschool classroom

Music and fingerplays are a wonderful tool for teaching in the preschool classroom. Do you have a favorite song or fingerplay that you sing or say often with your preschool students?   Print the words Choose a favorite song or fingerplay that your students know well and print the words out on a large sheet of chart paper. The students already know the words by heart and now they can make the connection between what they hear, [...]

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