More with dinosaurs in preschool

We needed a quick song to sing with the children today so my colleague and I begin brainstorming dinosaur words that we could use to go with music we were already familiar with... We had a few songs we had found in books but they were too long or complicated for us to actually remember without having to print out the words. We needed something quick, fun, and simple... So after brainstorming a bit we [...]

Give the gift of music and language learning to your preschoolers

No Time Like the Present: How and Why to Give the Gift of Language Learning to Your Child(ren) Written by my special guest Carolina Gomez. Learning a language is enriching at any age, but it is more challenging when we are adults. Children are the ones who benefit the most simply because there is a special window of opportunity for learning where everything happens in a very natural process. Children are curious about the world around them, [...]

Back in the recording studio for new children’s CD!

I have been super busy preparing to record my new children's CD. I have learned a great deal since recording my first CD: Simple songs for Preschool and am loving the experience of going back into the studio for another go! I will keep you posted as things progress but these next couple of CD's are going to be awesome:) A few of the song titles include... A Kiss for Me  -   [...]

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Peas in a pod your preschooler can make

Living in farm country, we learn lots about vegetables that grow in the garden. Where possible, I try to bring in vegetables from the garden like snap peas so the children can explore and snap away. At school, I came across this entry for our State Fair Vegetable Craft contest.... To make a pea pod with your preschooler start by painting the back of a paper plate the color green (or both sides might be [...]

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Graphing and painting with oranges

When painting with objects, I always print the word of the object on the paper so the children can see that word as they participate in the activity. In this case the word is Orange. We cut an orange in half and used one of the halves for creating orange prints on our paper. For younger children, I just have them print all over the page as desired. For older children, I have them try [...]

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Ribbon painting in preschool

One of the things I love most is to build an entire day around music or even build an entire day around one single preschool song. When I write songs, I am always visualizing the many amazing things that can be done with that song. Today I added the Ribbon Song to my fingerplay blog and in my mind I visualize children ribbon dancing, sorting ribbons by color, painting with ribbons, and comparing [...]

Presenting simple songs and fingerplays to young children

I wrote this article for Teaching Tiny Tots a few months ago on teaching simple songs to preschoolers.  In this article, I talk about using the S-I-M-P-L-E method when introducing simple songs and fingerplays to young children. Singing and Chanting the Itsy Bitsy Spider!