Early childhood education up front and center

There are many wonderful bloggers sharing ideas out there and everyday I learn something new. I am motivated, inspired, and even surprised by some of the innovative and fresh ideas that are shared on these early childhood focused blogs. Many of these blogs are written by stay at home moms who are doing some amazing [...]

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Make spring break travel with preschoolers fun and educational!

For those of you heading out on a long trip during spring break, I will  be sharing a few simple travel tips for parents of preschoolers today = Thursday - March 17, 2011 on Indiana's  Fox Morning News - Channel 59 at 9:15am EST... I will be sure to share the video of the news [...]

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What’s you’re social media personality?

Exchange magazine published an article in the January/February, 2011 edition titled, "What's you're social media personality?" written by early childhood professionals, Fran Simon and Chip Donohue PhD.  In order to actually read this article you would need a subscription to the magazine so I will give you just a few of the highlights... Fran and [...]

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It’s Thanksgiving Day!

We finally wrapped up our big Thanksgiving feast at preschool the other day and it was such a fun day! At our school feast the children and teachers set the tables... Decorated the walls with the many things they had made... Put on their pilgrim hats... Gave their parent guests the hats they prepared for [...]

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Preschool post card exchange!

Our kindergarten class is participating in a postcard exchange that was put together by my friends on Teach Preschool on Facebook! PLEASE NOTE:  THE POST CARD EXCHANGE FOR 2011- 2012 SCHOOL YEAR IS NO LONGER OPEN TO NEW PARTICIPANTS.  CHECK BACK AGAIN NEXT YEAR:) THANKS SO MUCH! The children have been sending and receiving postcards [...]

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