G is for gumball counting in preschool

The children spent time doing a little counting as they played with play dough... There are many ways to reinforce counting with young children but some of the best ideas engage children through a little exploration, discovery, and play. The children were invited to roll up play dough to make gumballs on their gumball machine. The letter of the week was the letter G - thus the reason for using a gumball machine. While this [...]

A simple name writing activity to do with preschoolers

Practice this simple name writing activity with your preschooler! In the middle of a room full of play and noise, I happened to notice a group of children gathered around their teacher doing a little name recognition and writing. As each child would get a turn, the teacher would ask if he or she wanted to print their name in boxes or on a line. Clearly this wasn't the first time the children had tried [...]

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A simple bean bag game your preschoolers will love!

I happened by this classroom as the children were playing this simple little bean bag toss game. As each child walked up to the line, he or she would choose a bean bag out of the basket, then the teacher would ask the child to announce the color of the bag or name the letter that was on the bag. And then the child would toss the bag into one of the baskets! Then they [...]

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My pre-k handwriting book

This little handwriting book is simple to put together and keep on hand to help children practice their handwriting skills. The cover of the book is printed on the computer on heavy card stock. Pieces of lined paper are placed in the center of the book and another sheet of heavy card stock is placed on the back. The pages are all then stapled together to create a book. The primary purpose of the book [...]

Potato alphabet activity in preschool

It was farm week in this two year old classroom. Laying in the center of this table was a set of mixed up construction paper potatoes with one letter of the alphabet on each one. There are several centers open throughout the classroom including a sand table, water table, easel, gluing activity, blocks, and so on. The teacher waits to see which children would like to participate in the game with her. It doesn't take [...]

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