At play with baby: bouncing balls

A big ball, medium ball, and a small ball too... A red ball, yellow ball, and one the color blue... What can Clara do with three balls on the ground? She can push them, and follow them, and roll them around! The small ball is soft... The red ball is bumpy... The blue ball is smooth... The balls are no longer sitting on the ground but Clara found them as she looked all around!

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At play with baby: shiny paper

What is baby Clara doing today? She’s getting ready for the holidays! Paper red, silver, and gold… This paper feels a little bit cold! Cut the paper into small pieces and stick to laminating paper... And Clara can explore some more! See what Clara’s mommy made with all that shiny paper… As with anything you do with babies - always monitor what they do and don't let them eat the paper!

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At play with baby: in and out

What can baby Clara do with a spoon, and a pan, and a plastic egg? The egg goes in... The egg comes out... The egg gets rolled all about... Turn the pan over and then Clara can... Go tap, tap, tap on that funny little pan.. But uh, oh where did the egg go? There it is! Hiding under that pan. See more Infant Lesson Plans!

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Infant lesson plan suggestions

My number one request for information is on how to write infant lesson plans so I thought I would share some tips as well as a lesson plan shared with me. Lesson plan template Click for MS Word Doc First of all, you want to start with a lesson plan form of some type. It doesn't have to be what you see here but this one may be helpful to use as a guide. Lesson [...]

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We explored our five senses in preschool: touch

This past week the children explored their sense of touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. Let me show you what the children found in the "sense of touch" discovery center... The children used their sense of touch to sample different types of textures. This activity lends itself to great opportunities for expanding vocabulary. I stopped by the toddler class on this day to see their version of the "touch" project:) The teacher set a variety of materials with different textures [...]

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Twos can create ladybugs in preschool too!

The two year old class made their ladybugs a little differently then the ladybugs made by the threes class posted yesterday... Red crayons to color the back of a paper plate and dot painters to make the dots... Then a piece of black construction paper for the head.... And then it was time to add on a few construction paper legs... Some of the legs went this way... And some went that way... But once [...]

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Using lids to play with a purpose in preschool

I have been collecting small lids from milk jugs and juice jugs. I don't really have a lot but I keep the ones I have saved in a small plastic pickle jar that I saved as well. To the untrained eye, these lids look like... well they just look like lids. But what I see is an opportunity to invite Wy to play with a purpose. I set the jar filled with lids on the [...]