Valentine’s Day

DIY valentine boxes and cards for preschool

This is a really cool and simple valentine box and matching valentine cards you can make with your preschooler. Start off with a sheet of poster board and fold it in half – long edge to long edge… Now open it back up and fold the long edges into the center leaving four creases lengthwise […]

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Save the valentine box for preschool

Go out and treat your self to a box of chocolates but be sure to save the box! The valentine box is more than just a box it is also an experience… The chocolate dividers inside the valentine box can be used for a little sensory play, patterning, and a sorting game! Don’t forget the […]

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Cupid’s arrow teaches terrific concepts in preschool

Cupid’s arrow is a fun way to introduce a variety of concepts… We can learn that arrows point us in a certain direction like Up, Down, Left, or Right… We can search for arrows on signs inside and outside of our classroom… And we can explore ways we can care about each other. So cut […]

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