DIY Pumpkin Puzzles

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With the help of my preschool students, we came up with our own DIY pumpkin puzzles!

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The value of a paper plate pumpkin

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There is something so simple yet rewarding about making paper plate pumpkins. I know, because I sat down with my class and made my own paper plate pumpkin and while making it, I realized that the process was relaxing, simple, creative, and fun…

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Pumpkin seed play dough

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My preschoolers enjoyed spending time exploring pumpkin seeds and playing with pumpkin seed play dough!

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Ghost writing in preschool

See our booootiful ghost writings we made in preschool!

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Pumpkin playdough decorating in preschool

Using playdough, our preschoolers decorated their pumpkins and made some wonderful 3 dimensional designs!

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