Easter egg parachute game

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Our Easter egg parachute game in preschool was the most fun ever!!

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Planning for more than just an Easter egg hunt in preschool

Planning for a big day requires some careful thought as to what the kids will enjoy doing versus what we think they should be doing!

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Dying pipe cleaner Easter eggs

Having fun making and dying pipe cleaner Easter eggs in preschool!

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Easter egg painting

Our preschool class explored the process of cracking open eggs and painting all in one!

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Easter egg math

A terrific exercise in math and listening skills using plastic Easter eggs in our preschool classroom.

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Plastic egg color mixing water play science in preschool

They say to keep your titles short but I couldn’t decide what to call this so I threw in the all the words that describe this activity! This is a fun little activity for exploring water and color mixing. I have written this post with examples of questions that can be asked as the children […]

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Crack open the egg and paint in preschool

  Kids just love to crack open the egg when doing a cooking activity so I thought we could have a little fun with cracking open plastic eggs too.. Just add a little bit of watered down paint inside the plastic eggs… If the paint is too thick, it wont drip out very well. You […]

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DIY make your own colorful Easter grass!

DIY – Don’t rush out to buy Easter grass! Make your own in any color you like!

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Exploring carrots for healthy food week in preschool!

We started our Healthy Food week by exploring vegetables. We made simple carrots!

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