Helping young children solve puzzles in preschool

I can’t remember who taught me this little technique for teaching preschoolers how to manage a puzzle but it is a technique I have used for many years with much success. When a very young child takes a puzzle and dumps all the pieces out, chances are he or she will have a little trouble […]

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A simple bean bag game your preschoolers will love!

I happened by this classroom as the children were playing this simple little bean bag toss game. As each child walked up to the line, he or she would choose a bean bag out of the basket, then the teacher would ask the child to announce the color of the bag or name the letter […]

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Thumbs up game in kindergarten

I had forgotten about this familiar “thumbs-up” game until I walked in this classroom the other day and saw it in action! To play this game, start by choosing two or three students to come to the front of the room.  (They can leave the shoes on by the way:) The remaining children sit at […]

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Fun games for a preschool carnival

Each year, the children of Learning Time Preschool celebrate the Indiana State Fair and at the end of the week they have a really cool school carnival. The teachers and administrators work together to plan games and activities that the children will enjoy. The big surprise of the day is the Large Jumping Tent! In […]

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