Bean bag bucket toss

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Playing the bean bag bucket toss game and exploring colors in our own unique way in my preschool classroom.

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DIY Memory Box

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Since my Pre-K children will be moving on to a new school, we have been enjoying exploring some of our favorite memories and playing some memory games too!

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Lock and key matching game for preschoolers

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I couldn’t wait to get put this lock and key game into action all around my preschool classroom.

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The step ladder game

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The step ladder game is a simple game that we made up and added to the end of our ladder exploration day.

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Hugs and kisses tic-tac-toe

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You won’t find a game sweeter than our hugs and kisses tic tac toe!

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J is for jump

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We are introducing the letter Jj with this simple and fun jumping game!

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Gift box chalkboard writing game

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Put a little holiday spirit into your chalkboard easel with this fun chalkboard gift box game for preschoolers!

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Concentrating on me!

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This is a simple game of concentration that gave the children another chance to find themselves and each other!

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Parachute basics: The hello game

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The parachute is a wonderful way to introduce your students on how to work together to achieve a common goal. Today, my students played the hello game as we learned the basics of how to use a parachute

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Five simple activities that promote teamwork!


To promote teamwork in a fun and inviting way, I like to come up with creative games or art activities that my students can do together.

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Five fun ways to teach with tape

Teaching with Tape

Introducing five fun ways teachers can use tape in the preschool classroom to promote learning and play!

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Building block drawing game in preschool

A fun way to get preschoolers thinking and talking about letters and numbers while having fun with a little drawing and block play too!

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The mystery of the missing snack

Preschoolers love to investigate and make new discoveries. When our snack came up missing, I knew just who to call on to help us solve the mystery.

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L is for lines

Learning about the sound of the letter L was a fun experience as we played games on lines taped to the carpet and traced lines on the light table.

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Count a mouse story telling props and game

Retelling the story “Mouse Count” by Ellen Stoll Walsh with our story telling props and then playing a mouse count game!

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DIY mouse shape dice game

Playing our own DIY Mouse Shapes Dice game in preschool as a large group and in free play!

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