Discover how young children learn best through this amazing collection of Powered by Play activities and articles.

Play has so many wonderful components to it and through play, young children develop socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. The next time you are planning for your preschool age children, consider how learning can be powered by play!

Just Playing : pop, pop, popcorn

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Play is a critical part of early learning and yet it is easy to overlook the complex learning that is taking place and dismiss child’s play as nothing but “just play.”

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The simplest holiday invitation to play ever!

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If you want to add a little spark of curiosity to your classroom, then pick up a few Christmas boxes and you will have the simplest holiday invitation to play ever.

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The motivation to draw and write is powered by play

Motivation to Draw

You may think that driving a toy jeep around the drive-way and developing the skills to write or draw have no connection but my two-year-old grandson would demonstrate that there is a strong connection between the two…

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The power of play in the early learning environment

Answering the question, “”How will my child be prepared for school if all he does is play in preschool?

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An invitation to play tutorial

A wonderful set of photos along with a short tutorial on creating an invitation to play in the preschool classroom.

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The wonderful world of water bead play

All you want to know about exploring waterbeads in the preschool classroom….

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Everyday math play in preschool

Exploring math everyday in the preschool classroom!

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Everyday light table play

We play everyday on the light table. Come and see some of the things we do and join in on the light table linky!

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Everyday fine motor play in preschool

Discover ways to promote fine motor development and the role fine motor skills in handwriting.

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Every day flannel board play

Have fun with flannel boards everyday in preschool. Come see how we use our flannel boards and join the flannel board linky too!

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Everyday sensory play in preschool

This is an Every Day Sensory Play linky. Come see the ideas shared for sensory play in preschool!

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