Using spools as tools for play

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These awesome large cardboard spools are terrific for use as tools for play in all content areas!

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Spools of fun!

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We engineered up our own paint rollers by upcycling cardboard spools!

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Brilliant block play

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There are so many brilliant ways to use building blocks in your home or classroom that I thought I might take a few minutes to highlight some of them.

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At play with marbles and tubes

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What can you do with a bag of marbles and a whole bunch of left over wrapping paper tubes? Our prekindergarten kids figured out something fun to do!

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Neighborhood under construction in preschool


This must be at the top of the my list of favorite days/activities we did in the preschool classroom last year. Stop by and see how we built our own neighborhood!

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Making simple boats that float

sail boats

For our exploration in boats, we read the book Little Tug by Steven Savage and then the children were invited to make two different types of boats.

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Balancing bubbles in preschool

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Exploring bubbles in a bottle gave us a unique way to explore many new scientific and engineering terms in our preschool classroom.

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Salt tray mazes

Come discover how our preschool children used fine motor and engineering skills to create their own salt tray mazes.

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Lots of lids

Offering a variety of bottles and lots of lids proves to be a challenging invitation for children to solve this puzzle.

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Exploring robots inside and out

Exploring gears as we take a look at the inside and outside of robots in preschool!

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Lots of drops

My students loved engineering with gum drops but I missed a key opportunity in the process of leading my students to explore lots of drops! Come and learn with me how kids really do have the best ideas, we just need to learn to listen to them.

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