Hearts at the easel

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Of all the painting experiences I share with my students, the one they most enjoy is anything that has to do with painting at the easel.

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Listening at the easel

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Continuing with our interest in listening, I set up the easel for my students to enjoy a little listening time as they painted as the easel.

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Stained glass easel starter

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Exploring the concept of stained glass through this simple easel starter in our preschool classroom.

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Drip drop fall trees at the easel

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We decided to switch our regular easel paper out for paper towels and invite the children to try a little drip drop easel painting in preschool!

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Flower painting at the easel

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My class did such an amazing job exploring this flower painting process at the easel that I just can’t help but share our latest experience!

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Smudge painting on the easel

A fun way to create new interest in the easel is by offering different processes. Our latest offering was smudge painting on the easel.

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P is for penguins and pinecones

We read the book “Penguin and Pinecone” by Salina Yoon then expanded the book into our art, science and other content areas throughout the day!

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Easel paper presents

The children created their own easel paper presents through this simple easel starter!

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Drip drop painting at the easel

Exploring the use of pipettes through the engaging process of drip drop painting.

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Building with blocks on the sticky easel

A wonderful exploration in block building only this time we used the easel as our platform for block play. Super cool idea taught to me by one of my students!

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Rainbow colors on the sticky easel

Change up your easel and make it a sticky easel with this simple idea. Today – we had a rainbow sticky easel!

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